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Safe & Secure

Keeping your data safe and secure is our primary concern.  We insist on using the latest in security technology to provide you with the peace-of-mind that YOUR data belongs only to YOU.

All access requires 2-factor authentication using a Yubikey device. The Yubikey enables strong, easy-to-use and affordable additional authentication with one-time passwords.


Share Good News on all levels of Organization!

What should the Front Page of your company newspaper look like? Broadcast the latest news and information, from company-wide announcements to team-specific and project-specific updates.

Realtime Client News and Industry Updates

What should your team be aware of in order to stay on top of their game?  Feed your Front Page with real-time updates on your top clients, industry news or even your competitor’s status, so no one misses a beat.

Team Communication & Collaboration

The secret to success in any business is the ability of all parties to communicate effectively, timely and collaboratively. MYbusinessOS enables realtime team communication, collaboration and cohesion.


Address Book

Extensive Client Profiles

Manage the names, faces and EXTENSIVE profiles of your clients and business partners using your company Address Book.  Keep up to 1000 user-defined fields for any one contact, so you don’t miss out on any valuable client details.

Client Communication and Task Management

Keep track of your ongoing communications with your clients, from phone calls to conference calls.  All interaction, whether it is in a lunch meeting or through email exchange, can be seen from the client’s file.

Send Notes from Anywhere!

Record your interactions from anywhere!  When leaving a meeting, add a note to a client’s file INSTANTLY by emailing a video, audio or text file to their contact folder.

Custom Reports

Create a custom report instantly using any fields in your contact profile.  Do you want to see the manufacturing industry prospects in your region? Easy!




Through the use of Google Apps, MYbusinessOS is always on, always available, from any device, anywhere in the world. Keep up-to-date with your team’s schedule from anywhere!

Share Calendars

Make sure that everyone is on the same agenda page using the shared calendaring system.  Create multiple calendars and include anyone you choose to be involved in that calendar watch.


Resource Library

Central Repository

Create a central repository where any and all information can be filed.  Manage archives meetings, client files, contracts and more from one Dashboard

File Security

Share company-wide files or maintain necessary confidentiality by using the File security Permissions.


Sales & CRM

Customize Your Sales Process

Have a unique business process? Don’t change it!  Customize the Sale Process to fit steps your company follows, whether it’s 3 or 63.

Set Your Sales Goals

Setting goals is the roadmap to success. See your sales performance, compare it to previous months and see your company meeting those goals, in realtime.


Client eWindow

Personal Portal

Each one of your contract, clients or suppliers, can be provided with their own personal web portal, branded in with company logo and color.

Communication & Collaboration

The client eWindow provides you with an easy way to keep your clients engaged, using the messaging center to continuously feed their dashboard with news, promotions, or other offers that might peak their interest.

File Sharing

Give your client the piece of mind that their information is only a click away.


Campaigns & Marketing

Track Your Campaign Progress

Keep track of the progress and lead generation of your marketing campaigns, form weekly email newsletters to SMS campaigns to radio ads.

Email Campaign Marketing

Compile and execute an email campaign with a specified target list.

Top Marketing Tools

Not sure what campaigns work best for your company?  See your top 5 campaigns based on real-time lead generation.



Video Conferencing

Get face-to-face with your team, whether they are across the state or across the globe. This easy-to-use web conferencing system means your college or client is only one click away from your virtual meeting!

Archive Important Meetings

Record important meetings so that you and your team can go back and revisit the items discussed.


Real-Time Financials

Single Entry

Save time and money!  Eliminate tedious and duplicate entry by integrating your existing financial system.

Real-Time Financials

Pull in key financial information to your client profiles and daily reports to the Financial Dashboard, so you and your team are no longer operating on historical data.


Virtual Univeristy

Anytime, Anywhere

The flexibility of our virtual university means that it can be used anytime, anywhere by anyone.  Capture BEST IN CLASS practices and set up a curriculum so that that knowledge is passed on to others.

Update your Skills

All players have the ability to update their skills at anytime, and become cross-skilled trained, so that you can guarantee there to be no gap in your competency offerings.


HR Profile

Your Skills, Competencies and Certifications

Discover new strengths and skills within your team! All team members can maintain a list of their internal and external certifications, acquired skill and competencies, so that your team can reach their full potential.

Performance Results

Include any and all information that the administrative team should be accessible.  Provide access to performance results so that each member can monitor their own personal progress within the organization.


My Dashboard

Personal Dashboard

Engage people at every level of your organization!  Each team member has their own personal MY Dashboard that they can tailor to fit their personality and preference.

Your News, information and Business Metrics

Pull in a wide range of information, from your social media to your stock portfolio.  Get live feed from your favorite news provider or select from a variety of productivity tools to help you have a more pleasurable and profitable workday.


Control Room

Configuration and Customization

The Control Room is allows you to tailor your site to fit your organization.  Manage everything from your site’s theme and logo, to system notifications.

User Roles

Create unique roles for the different departments in your organization and manage their level of access so that they only see information that’s important to them.