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“I like how a to do is created when a client submits a ticket. Very Nice!”

“We collect thousands and thousands of bits of data… and we need to be able to sift and sort through that data…so we have MYbusinessOS take care of that for us. The data flow in terms of faxing or emailing, all went out the window because everybody now has the information at the same time.”

“…The other really good part about MYbusinessOS on communication is that I have the ability to put little videos vignette up to the web so that anybody on our team, anywhere in the world can see it…I can put them up from the office, from the field, anywhere…”

“We know now that we have all the systems in place with MYbusinessOS in terms of administrative and operational information we need. We can access that data and use that data from anywhere in the world.”

“Love the filled up my dashboard…”

“Whoo Hoo!! I see my twitter feed!!”

“When I can have a system that is quick and easy to use, I’m excited about it.”

“I want to enter something once in the system. This does the job perfectly.”

“…we put something in once… and we don’t have the enter something more than once.”

“One thing that it is for me is an amazing filling system…but it’s so much more…”

"Thrilled with OS: Just wanted to report I'm thrilled that when I went into a contact's account and sent an email from there, it showed up in my Gmail sent box :)...Love it!"

"The appointment set up is working wonderfully now.....goes right to my iPad and phone calendars!"

"Constant improvement!! The color coding on the sales process is brilliant!!!!!!!!!!"

"...We are very excited about being able to see: 1. what the most popular downloads are 2. Which leads are creating the greatest success ..."